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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Sensei Winfred Schneider

Sensei Winfred Schneider is a 6th degree (Roku Dan) black belt in Okinawan(free style) Karate. Sensei Schneider (D.Sc.) left a successful career in Science to pursue his first love - practicing and teaching Martial Arts.

History of Training
  • 1966 Training in Judo
  • 1973 Joined Air Force, basic combat training
  • 1974 Advanced combat training
  • 1974/75 Training in Karate
  • 1976 Training in Hapkido (after stationed to different base)
  • 1976/77 Training in Taekwondo (after stationed to different base)
  • 1977/78 Training in Kung Fu (after stationed to different base)
  • 1980- 90 occasional studies in different systems (Europe, USA)
  • 1993 Training in Isshinryu (Trimm No Shin style)
  • 1996 Promotion to Sho Dan 1997 Promotion to San Dan
  • 1998 Promotion to Yon Dan 2003 Promotion to Go Dan.
  • 2006 Promotion to Roku Dan (6th degree, Master Rank)

Master Sensei Schneider continuous his training in various styles with high ranking master instructors and at the College and University level.

Additional Information
Rank in different systems was not acquired due to cross training in different styles facilitated by the varied military location assignments.

In 1995 he declined promotion to Sho Dan, because he just had purchased the school and found it inappropriate, (I did not want anybody to claim I got promoted because I bought the school).

In 1996 Promotion to Sho Dan.

In 1997 board members agreed to count some of his previous time in different styles towards time in the martial arts and promoted him to San Dan.

In 1998 board members agreed to count experience in teaching and in different styles toward time in rank and promoted him to Yon Dan.

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