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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Family Martial Arts Center: Our Promises

Your promise:

to attend classes regularly,
- Attendance is the key to progress;

to make every effort to graduate on time,
- Progress is the key to your satisfaction;

to immediately notify us of any obstacles that will effect your training
- We are here to help you;

to try hard and do your best!

Our promise:

-to provide you with lessons that are age appropriate;

-to provide safe and exciting classes;

-to be on time, to be friendly, to be concerned about each person and their individual needs and progress;

-to be a positive role model;

-to teach cooperative learning, and goal setting;

-to teach how to protect yourself even without fighting;

-to understand, practice, and teach, Personal and Professional Goals, Motivation, Self Discipline, Self Control, Self Confidence and Self Worth, Within a Martial Arts structure;

-to prepare each student to be a leader;

-to listen to our students, so that we may understand and learn from them;

-to expand our knowledge, so that we can provide the best Martial Arts experience available anywhere;

-to constantly seek better ways to upgrade our curriculum.

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