Welcome to the Family Martial Arts Center Website!

Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Welcome to the Family Martial Arts Center Website!

Our school is like a big family. Our students are helpful and supportive of each other. They encompass all ages; young children in our Little and Mighty Tiger programs (3-6 years old), pre-teens (7-12 years old)in our Junior program; teenagers and adults in our Senior and Adult Programs.
The excitement of victory and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles teaches students how to build self-discipline, confidence, and perseverance. Teamwork is fundamental!

Our members range from beginner to advanced, from normally skilled, to the exceptional, to the physically challenged. Indeed, from our diverse blend of people, we draw our strength as a school and family. Our family atmosphere nurtures and gives strength to its members, our students. Our goal is the personal development of our students through the positive training of Martial Arts.

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